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So you’ve achieved your weight goal – what to do next to show it off? - By PepDeck,
December 29, 2015

Get back in touch with your nutritionist to draw up a diet plan that will help you maintain your weight without being too constricting. Do make sure organic greens continue to be a part of your daily diet. You can easily place your order for healthy greens and salad leaves with GreenTokri. They also have low-fat salad dressings that you can use to jazz up your salads without compromising on the health quotient.

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Green Tokri Farm Visit Review by All Things Gud - By All Things Gud, November 25, 2015

Green Tokri is a farm spread across 110 acres at foothills of the Sahayadris in the outskirts of Pune. A variety of lettuce, fresh herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables are grown there.

The farm produce is grown in controlled conditions under a green house, drip irrigation, micro controllers – all integrated with an IT back end to handle the front end.

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Selling salads to promote Good Health - Rediff, July 02, 2015

Green Tokri is a unique business venture set up by Indo-German couple, Dr Marc Cremer and Benedikte, who grow lettuce on their farm outside Pune and make it available at your doorstep so that you can add this nourishing item to your meals each day.

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Online shopping for
bhajji: Picked, packed & delivered -
DNA, March 25, 2012

If you are heath conscious and live on salads most of the time, then is a boon for you. You don’t need to go hunting for fresh salad to Mandai or Shivaji Market as the portal is quite popular in the city for home delivery of fresh and crispy salad. Greentokri has been doing home delivery of fresh salads, herbs and delicacies for the past two years.

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Travelling tastes - India Today, March 11, 2011

Think Italy and the first thing that comes to your mind are the incredible pizzas and pastas. You think France and images of beef bourguignon slowly make their way into your brain, you think Japan and a plate of sushi strikes you. Food is the first stop into a country's culture. Seeped in years of tradition, it is the thing generations bond over.

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A basket full of ideas - From DNA, 12th of July

Marc Cremer is not a stereotype farmer, as the Indo-German has taken the meaning of farming to a whole new level. And that too, in our very own city!

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Of salads and herbs
- From Upper Crust, Vol 11

From software to farming, it's a big career change. Marc Cremer, a German Pune born, runs GreenTokri successfully with his wife Benedikte.

The farm produces exotic lettuces as Iceberg, Romana and Rocket, and also fresh herbs as Basil, Parley, Chives and Oregano.

GreenTokri team believes there is a movment in India towards fresh, uncooked food while at the same time, hygiene and cold storage facilities have improves considerably.

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Dario's: Made in Sicily - From Upper Crust, Vol 11

Dario's restaurant becomes very famous in Poona.  GreenTokri is very proud to provide them fresh salad and herbs every day for their Mediterranean dishes
. A guarantee of freshness!

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Get the concept: GreenTokri - From Pune Mirror, 2nd of July

GreenTokri starts a salad home delivery service to propagate the intake of fresh, organic and affordable leafy greens. For FREE SMS home delivery. Also available at Spencer's, More, Food Bazaar and Dorabjees.

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Salad on their platter - From Indian Express, 30th of May

It's brocoli with bakhri and parsley with pithla for farm hands in Maharashtra's Kodit village who have developed a taste for these exotic vegetable.

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Dressing it right! - From Indian Express, 24th of May

While some restaurants have opened a salad bar, there are only a handful of places where fresh salad leaves are available for sale. GreenTokri is one such farm located in the south of Pune at Saswad.

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Darios knows how to get you an amazing GreenTokri salad in a fantastic place
Darios Dezio and his wife Rebecca have open a really charming restaurant Lane 1, in Koregaon Park. Enjoy veg italian foodies with olive oil, cheese and flours; and GreenTokri fresh salad and herbs in many Dario's specialities.

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Meal ticket - Green  craft - From Indian Express, 08th of May

GreenTokri farms will be demonstrating ready-to-eat salad salad at Food Bazaar in Kalyani Nagar today from 5 pm to 7 pm. The exhibits will show how to decorate salad with various herbs. One more salad demonstration will be organised on May 12th at Food Bazaar in Kothrud.

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Salad get skinnier

Times of India - April 19, 2010. While Waldorf and Russian salads still continue to be on a restaurant menu, foodies and creative chefs are pushing for healthier ones....

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Investments on the farm, for you
Two main projects of GreenTokri's farms: a GreenHouse and a water tank

To assure you a good quality of product all hot season long. And to keep eat fresh, crispy and healthy.

Think Green, use cloth bags

For ecological reason, retailers cannot distribute plastic carry bag at the cashcounter.

GreenTokri really enjoy this decision and propose re-usable cloth bag for only 10/-, to protect our environment.


Organic certification rules are difficult to follow
India, October 11, 2009 - Marc Cremer, director of Bamboo Grove, speaks to Paula Ray about his salad greens and state of farmers.

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In Pune, a veggie delight - Hindustan Times, September 23, 2009

As the sun sets behind the cloud-headed Babdeo Ghat in Saswad taluka, about 40 km south of Pune, and the tinkling of a bell in a nearby hut ushers in the falling darkness, Marc Cremer (48) climbs into his jeep to head back to the farmhouse from his fields of lettuce, herbs and fruits.

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GreenTokri’s Home Delivery System:

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GreenTokri’s Home Delivery System:

Click here for our delivery schedule.